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Allgäuer Festwoche

Allgäuer Festwoche

Welcome to „Heels Parkterrasse“ at the Allgäuer Festwoche.

The Allgäuer Festwoche is annual from 2nd Friday in August until the 3rd Sunday in August.

Join us in Heels Parkterrasse and have a great day, a cozy afternoon or an eventful evening.

15 years ago, the Family Heel started with a small tent, a beer cart and a 3 square meter kitchen. Through experience of purpose and competence the Heel family has been able to extend the ‘Parkterrasse’ to what it is today. A pleasure oasis in the hustle and bustle of the Festwoche.

Whether cozy-rustic with homely sitting areas in the gallery, properly in the tent terrace or something chic in the “Meckatzerstube”- here is something for everyone. The special charm is enhanced by decorative elements and thus lifts the ‘Parkterrasse’ from the other tent farms.

The chef cooked regional cuisine, and everything is made from regional products of the highest quality. The friendly staff and the delicious beer do the rest to make your stay a pleasant one.

Directly from the tent, the music program can be followed on stage in the city park. Outside the stage program, a musician with a squeeze ensures a good mood. The Heel family ensures a smooth process and is always the point of contact for the guests on site.

Reservations will be accepted from February onwards, subject to availability.

Please send us an email.